Most people have experienced low energy at some point in their life.  Exhausted, falling asleep in the middle of the day or inability to concentrate are common signs of energy problems.  The good news is there are some healthy, natural ways to boost your energy! Below are the top 10 ways to increase your energy levels throughout the day.

  1. Eat small, frequent meals, to avoid the sleepy feeling that comes with digesting large meals.
  2. Decrease sugar consumption, which will cause fluctuations in energy levels.
  3. Consume the proper vitamins and minerals.
  4. Cut down on coffee and energy drinks, which give you a rush of energy but will result in fatigue.
  5. Get enough sleep at night.
  6. Take deep, controlled breaths. Deep breathing helps reduce stress, fatigue, and increases the level of oxygen in the blood.
  7. Drink plenty of water.
  8. Consider a homeopathic remedy for fatigue.
  9. Exercise or get outdoors. Getting some fresh air is always a good way to improve energy.
  10. Medicinal plants. The category of medicinal plants that provide energy are known as adaptogens. This class of medicinal plants includes licorice, ashwaghandha, ginseng and rhodiola. They are thought to build your resistance to physical, chemical, and biological stress, as well as boost your energy and vitality.

Licorice or Glycyrrhiza glabra works wonders with the adrenal cortex.  Licorice is a staple of traditional medicine for adrenal insufficiency and ulcers.  Glycyrrhizin is the main active compound in licorice.  Licorice has been positively linked to a range of other health benefits including immune system improvement, decreasing inflammation, and healing the gut lining.

Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera comes from India’s Ayurvedic medicine tradition.  It is particularly useful for stress-induced sleeping problems and improving energy levels.

Korean Ginseng or the Latin name is Panax ginseng is another option to consider. The main root of this plant is traditionally used in western herbal medicine to remedy physical or mental exhaustion, to build an immune system and to facilitate in the adaptation to stress.  Other health benefits from this plant include improving sleep, fatigue, depression, headaches and menopausal symptoms.

Eleuthero or Eleutherococcus senticosus is an adaptogen herb used to support cognition, alertness, immune function, and physical stress.

Rhodiola or Rhodiola rosea is another adaptogenic herb with a long history of traditional use.  It has been used for stress and fatigue management, enhance mental performance and for the treatment of mild depression.

When using medical plants or any natural medication it is always advisable to check with your health care provider.