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Naturopathic Doctors are trained as specialists in natural medicine. They emphasize prevention of disease, maintenance of optimal health, and promotion of the individual’s inherent self-healing process. Naturopathic medicine accomplishes health care using: clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, physical medicine including acupuncture, and lifestyle counseling.

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Our philosophy is based on the six principles of Naturopathic Medicine:


Vis Medicatrix Naturae

first do no harm

First Do No Harm

Primum non nocere

Identify and treat the cause

Find and Treat the Root Cause

Tolle causam

Treat the Whole Person - Naturopathic Doctors


In pertuabato amino sicut in corpore sanitas esse non potest

ultimate goal is prevention

Provide Preventive Medicine

Primum non nocere

Doctor as teacher with Naturopathic Medicine

Optimize the Patient’s Health

Pricipiis obsta: seromedicina curatur

Dramatic positive change

After many years of deteriorating health, nine miscarriages and many doctors telling me to take another pill or it’s “just something you have to live with”.

Dr. Farhang Khosh completely changed mine and my family’s life! This included a dramatic positive change in my health, supposed “incurable” issues cured and three sweet babies and still going! My family will always go to Natural Medical Care to truly be taken care of!


Guidance & understanding

In 2013 I was struggling with yeast overgrowth, chronic psoriasis, and complications with food intolerances. Dr. Deena Beneda was so helpful in explaining what was going on within my system and gave me guidance & understanding that I was not receiving with the other doctors. (In ways I could understand!) After starting my protocol with Dr. Beneda, I was able to stop taking autoimmune suppressants I had been on for more than a year.

~ Jane

Comprehensive and individualized care

The comprehensive and individualized care we’ve received from NMC has been so central to turning around persistent chronic issues for everyone in my immediate family that extended family members living elsewhere became patients as well. They, and our children now grown and far away, make appointments when they visit, and have phone consultations otherwise. We run everything by Dr. Khosh—even and especially about treatments and procedures elsewhere—and we are always extremely grateful for such astute and kind guidance.

~ Christy

Connecting the dots

We have been patients of Dr. Farhang Khosh for 13 years, and he is the best at putting all of the pieces together and connecting the dots in order to find the root cause(s) of our symptoms. He consistently finds the answers when other doctors do not, and he treats us like we are part of his family. We are healthier and feel more genuinely cared for than we did before we came to Natural Medical Care. We cannot say enough nice things about Dr. Farhang Khosh and the entire Natural Medical Care practice!

~ Jen and Jeff J.

Very blessed

I have been seeing Dr. Mehdi Khosh since November 2005 when I was diagnosed with Leiomysarcoma of the Vena Cava which is a very rare cancer. I started getting comprehensive care including acupuncture, homeopathy, micronutrients and nutritional therapy from Dr. Khosh. I feel I would not be here to see my grandkids if it was not for Dr. Khosh. I am very blessed to have met him and to continue to receive treatments from him. Dr. Khosh is a very good doctor and I very kind soul.

~Sherrie Hugunin

Excellent care

For 20 years Dr. Farhang & Natural Medical Care have taken excellent care of me & I feel younger every day. They are the best doctors and their staff is excellent. God bless you all with happiness & good health.


She changed my life

I first met Dr. Beneda after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer & I feel she saved my life. She is the most compassionate, kind, positive, and knowledgeable naturopath that I know. Dr. Beneda gave me a variety of natural therapies that boosted my immune system so that I could fight the cancer battle. I have learned & continue to learn so much from Dr. Beneda. So I leave you with this; if Dr. Beneda is able to get you through cancer don’t you think she can get you through anything? She will be beside you every step of the way. I hope that what I have said will honor Dr. Beneda for what she does and what she is all about.



Medicinal Plants to Keep You Cool

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Give Credit to Coconuts

Consumers have become well aware of the coconut, or the scientific name Cocos nucifera, because of its numerous benefits to the human body.  The early Spanish explorers called the nut “Coco”, which means, "monkey face" because of the three indentations and the “hairy”...

Keep Calm with Chamomile

Chamomile or the Latin name, Matricaria recutita, is an ancient medicinal plant that was well-known throughout Egypt, Greece and Rome.  Common names for chamomile include German or Hungarian chamomile, Bodegold chamomile, true chamomile, sweet false chamomile and wild...

Natural Medical Healing

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